The Independence Programme

Business efficiency consulting services for
owner independence

If you want to create a business that can run without you for the long term, the independence programme is the one for you. It’s about improving business owners work-life balance now and enabling freedom for when you want it!

Whilst there are some business efficiency consulting services out there, they are generally aimed at one aspect of how to systemise your business, rather than achieving independence across the company as a whole

With our broader coaching programme, we will help you not only streamline your company but create and develop the future team to run it too!

Leadership development and succession planning are essential for independence!

While many owners will say they don’t want a business that will run without them because they enjoy what they do, this programme is actually more about having a genuine ability to choose. You never know what life will throw at you, and knowing that at any point you can take a step back, or even out totally, provides a different kind of reassurance.

Remember, just because your business would allow you to step out doesn’t mean you have to do so… but if your business requires you, you have to be there.

Getting this progression step right gives you the freedom to choose the roles you perform within the business and also the freedom to choose the hours you work.

Suppose your business is already performing well, but you now want to make a substantial and focused step forward. In that case, the Independence Programme is all about business systemisation, team development and giving you choices.

What does this programme consist of?

North Star Session

This is spread across two meetings (each around 3 hours in length).

In the first, we review the market setting for your company and then the key issues you are dealing with now. We audit the company against our unique coaching star at the second meeting and set a business journey planner together.

This details your progression aims for each of the ten main areas of your company that will advance you towards a more independent business.

Fortnightly or monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions

To enable your business to be less reliant on you requires intensive coaching. The 1-2-1 coaching sessions are 90-minutes each and take place fortnightly to ensure you make a good rate of progress and have access to advice and accountability frequently.

Short Haul Business Flight Planning

Within a small group coaching format, you will get to prioritise the goals within your long haul flight plan (created in the North Star meeting). The result is a detailed action plan connecting your goals with a timeline to work against.

Complimentary access to the Profit Hunter Workshops

You will be given complimentary access to our Group Coaching sessions, which will involve a deep dive into a range of subjects from understanding your profit levers, creating business systems, making your team perform, exit planning and much much more!

Support as and when you need it

Available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, your coach will be available to provide ad hoc advice and support.

Book a complimentary 90-minute Business Review
session with UK Growth Coach

The business subjects needed to achieve independence from your own business are complex, in-depth and challenging in nature. Your business coach has a good understanding of what that takes to achieve and will give you the confidence to make it happen.

We offer a complimentary 90-minute business review, where you will come away with:

  • A better understanding of how to improve your business 
  • How to develop your team’s performance and roles.
  • A clearer idea of how your business can become more independent.