The Growth Programme

Business coaching for growth and to scale up

Are you looking for high-growth business coaching? Look no further!

The Growth Programme is specially designed for companies that already have the basics in place and where the business and results are ‘OK’. The owners of these businesses now want to achieve better (and more consistent) results. 

If this sounds like your own situation, then you’ll know that you aren’t yet achieving your potential and probably recognise that a helping hand is needed to achieve more or at least to accelerate the rate of progress in doing so.

Working together with your coach, you’ll focus in on performance gaps and work up a plan for overcoming them. The aim of this programme is faster progress, more profit, and greater efficiency.

What does this programme consist of?

North Star Session

This meeting is split into two sessions of 3 hours each. You will review your current business status with your coach during the first. This will look at your current performance, future aspirations, and current challenges and opportunities. It will also look at the market setting and your business SWOT. During the second session, you’ll get to assess your business against our bespoke 10-point Coaching Star model. Together with your coach, you will then discuss and document the goals for the next 12 to 36 months.

Fortnightly or monthly 1-2-1 coaching sessions

Every fortnight you’ll meet your coach for a 1-2-1 session (usually online or on occasion in-person), where together you’ll discuss progress made, subsequent priority actions and what is required to successfully complete them.

Your coach is there to challenge your thinking, help you learn and make solid commitments for the next period. They are also there to make sure you stay on track with your promises!

Short Haul Business Flight Planning

These group events are held quarterly, and clients come together to learn from the business growth consultants and coaches. The specialist presentations are coupled with a well-proven system that helps you take your longer-term goals and break them into quarterly goals and related action plans to timeline and work through moving forward.

Complimentary access to the Profit Hunter Workshops

You will be given complimentary access to our Group Coaching sessions. This set of 12 business owner educational workshops is delivered by a range of coaches. It provides valuable information, guidance, and opinions to help you (and other colleagues) get to grips with core business topics and approaches.

Support as and when you need it

Your coach works regular office hours, Monday to Friday, and is there to help you with any quick email, text, or call in queries (within reason).

Book a complimentary 90-minute Business Review session
with UK Growth Coach

It can be tough to running your own business. Whilst friends and family are always there to help; the truth is that most of them are not business experts.

As very few business owners have ever been taught or trained in how to run a business themselves, this means that a business review with a professional coach is even more valuable… particularly when it’s being offered free!

At UK Growth Coach, we offer a complimentary 90-minute business review to all UK companies that turn over more than £100,000 annually.

If you do that, you can book an appointment with one of our coaches to positively discuss your current performance and future aims. They will teach you our unique Coaching Star model, which addresses ten core elements of business success (link) and help you to identify opportunities and actions for improvement. By investing this time with them, you will identify the crucial gaps limiting your current success levels.

You will come away with:

  • Clarity on what needs to be improved
  • How your business can grow and move forward
  • Options for working with a coach to accelerate your progress.

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