Small business coaching:
1-2-1 coaching programmes

Coaching for small business owners that makes a real difference

SME business coaching can make the difference between having a company that experiences long term performance plateaus accompanied by high-stress levels and unreasonable time demands and having a growing, enjoyable, and successful business.

Small business coaching is NOT about a cosy fireside chat or even the same as having a consultant just tell you what to do. 

It IS about equipping and educating you as a business owner to make better decisions for you and your business and making sure you apply the actions to make change happen.

If you are looking for an:…

  • independent set of eyes on your business and your own performance
  • external small business mentor to hold you accountable
  • independent viewpoint for testing ideas and an informed sounding board

…a business coach is right for you!

What our great SME business coaches will do for you...

Upskill and develop you as a business owner

Our coaches will be a sounding board for you. Asking the tough questions, and minimising your need to learn through trial and error rather than using others’ experience and undertaking proper consideration.

Hold you to account for the actions you say you are going to take

Our coaches will hold you accountable for the actions you say you will undertake…being the demanding and caring friend who insists on you progressing at the best rate possible!

Be bespoke to your priorities and needs

1-2-1 coaching is designed to be bespoke to individual priorities, needs, aspirations, and challenges and is very different from consultancy. You are responsible for the actions and results, our coaches provide you with the tools and knowledge to undertake this with confidence.

Finding the right 1-2-1 small business coaching programme

As specialists in SME business growth and small business leadership coaching, we’ve created four core coaching programmes based on the current position of your business and the progress step you need to make next.

The Basics

For startups and those at an early stage of the business

The Growth

For businesses that are established and want to achieve their full potential and scale

The Independence

For business owners who want to advance their company to become less reliant upon them personally

The Exit

For business owners who want to prepare for their exit from the business, improve company valuation, or enable succession.

All of these programmes comprise the following, but to varying depths and complexity:

North Star

Defining the business purpose, vision, and setting long haul aims.

Short Haul Business

Setting quarterly priorities and defining actions and timelines.

Regular 1-2-1 Coaching

Where. we check progress against plans, provide guidance, support and education, and provide accountability against commitments made since the last session.

The benefits of 1-2-1 business coaching

  • Clarify your business status and next step goals.

  • Confidence in doing the right things and making real progress.

  • Accelerate your business progress – achieve goals quicker and more often on the first attempt.

  • Get pushed to do that little bit more than you’d naturally do on your own in business, exactly as a personal trainer helps improve your physical fitness!

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What's it like to work with
UK Growth Coach?

Book a free 90-minute Business Review meeting with a coach!

Our team is happy to offer a complimentary Business Review meeting to all business owners running companies with a turnover above £100,000 annually. 

This special session gives you the opportunity to speak with a qualified and experienced coach for 90-minutes exclusively about your business – reviewing its current progression level, your aspirations for the future, exploring challenges and opportunities – and considering the actions, support and education needed to make change happen.

This is NOT a closet sales meeting. We want you to feel confident to speak with us in an unpressured way, and PROMISE only to explain services or pricing if you ask us to do so.

The Missing Business Instructions - how to safely navigate the hazards of growing your business

With estimates of SME business failure at up to 50% failing in their first five years, and 70% within ten years, we are passionate about changing these statistics across the UK.

These figures also do not tell you about the pain and suffering business failure causes. 

We wrote The Missing Business Instructions to help upskill and educate business owners on the business of running, managing and growing their own businesses as we wanted to offer some advice and support for company owners who need it.