The Exit Programme

Exit planning for small business owners

Saying goodbye to your business need not be challenging!

The Exit Programme is designed for business owners and companies who want to exit or sell their company in the relatively near future. You may want to do this by securing an offer from an investor, enabling a management buy-out, or allowing succession to someone else in the family.

Regardless of how you want to exit the business, there is a great deal of similarity in the preparations needed. It takes time to ensure your business is valued as it ought to be…so putting the preparation in sooner rather than later is a good mantra!

This programme includes strategic advice on factors that can boost your business valuation and/or preparatory planning for sale or succession.

The sessions you hold with a coach for this programme are structured differently from the others because they are almost exclusively focused on improving the future valuation or the enablement of the next generation of leaders and managers.

What does this programme consist of?

North Star Session

The North Star for this programme includes three sessions of around three hours each, delivered over a month or so. Each session has its own agenda:

  • The first session includes a review of the current business status and identifies issues or challenges with exiting NOW.

  • The second session confirms the exit objectives and defines the long haul aims for doing with a good valuation and/or minimal handover frustration.

  • The third session takes a look at the short-haul activity plan for achieving those objectives and sets the first quarter’s prioritised goals and timeline to work on.

Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions

The 1-2-1 coaching sessions for this programme are held either weekly or fortnightly to ensure a good rate of progress, the building of momentum and to ensure accountability for making your business ‘exit’ ready.

Short Haul Business Flight Planning

At the end of every quarter, you and your coach will review progress to date and then confirm the priorities for the next quarter. These priority aims will be defined into clear goals, and a timelined action plan will be developed to work to.

Support as and when you need it

Available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, your coach will be available to provide ad hoc advice and support.

Book a complimentary 90-minute Business Review session to learn more about increasing the value of your business for sale

Exit planning for small business owners is hard. It’s been your pride and joy, no doubt. It’s been something you’ve poured your time and energy into. You want to leave it in good hands and to see it thrive. But you also want a good return on the investment you’ve made in it and to achieve specific outcomes from the sale – whether that be retirement or to move onto a new venture (with cash to support it!).

To do that, you may well need the help of an experienced business coach to support you, keep your energies focused and keep you accountable for doing all the necessary actions to prepare your company for valuation, sale or succession.

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