Group online business coaching:
The Profit Hunter Series

Cost effective access to a business coach
with group coaching!

The Profit Hunter Series is an online small business coaching and educational programme for business owners who either are not yet ready for or are not in a position to afford 1-2-1 coaching. It provides a baseline business education that allows you to gather essential knowledge and advice about running a business better, to be taken away and applied to your own company.

The Profit Hunter Curriculum

This unique group coaching programme comprises 12 sessions, each including a 75-minute presentation and 15 minutes of activity task or peer discussion. In addition, there is a session delivered once every four weeks by one of our expert business coaches.

Each session covers a dedicated topic, and the programme as a whole is aligned to UK Growth Coach’s bespoke framework, the 10-point Coaching Star (link). This means they cover the fundamental elements of a successful business – from culture and direction to marketing, sales, operations, team performance, and more.

As this is being conducted online, we recommend having a good set of headphones and a quiet environment to ensure you get the most out of the session and interact with the coaches and other delegates.

Not just for start-ups but also for teammates and business partners of more established companies!

Access to The Profit Hunter group coaching programme is provided as a complimentary add-on for 1-2-1 clients.

How much does it cost?

The Profit Hunter series can be subscribed to on a rolling basis. Pricing for online sessions starts at £150+VAT per month, or in-person sessions for just £200+VAT per month.

For those that like a bargain, ask your coach for the up-front payment option and buy all 12 workshops for an even better rate!